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Mar 25 , 2012 • 17:24 • 15 notesCommentsShare

I need to know  if the sidebar of this theme appears. Please indicate your browser. Thanks!


Thanks for your responses!

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  1. lunarka answered: the image on the left botto. didnt show up when i try this theme.. i use opera mobile ;)
  2. meufaroeste-caboclo answered: Google Chrome and Firefox :)
  3. flawless-rainbow answered: :D
  4. changebegetschange answered: Yup, firefox. Doesn’t scroll though, I had to shrink my page to be able to click on next page.
  5. mysilentsuffocation answered: Yep! Chrome!
  6. tabibo answered: It does. I’m using rockmelt.
  7. passionfueled said: chrome
  8. k-indhearted answered: It does, google chrome.
  9. passionfueled answered: yes
  10. athenability posted this

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