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10. Write a letter to your boyfriend

Day 10/10

I can still picture the first time we met, may it be during the basketball game according to me, or during the awarding according to you. It doesn’t matter after all because what matters is when you tried to talk to me at the Chinese Restaurant but I was so dumb, I couldn’t speak Italian yet that time. But still you tried and reached me out through Facebook. Thanks to your enough knowledge of English and thanks to Google Translator, we understood each other and became friends despite of those wrong spellings and wrong grammars.

Before I met you, I used to think that coming here was the worst part of my life. I gave up my studies, I left my hometown and my “family”, I broke up with my ex. I really had a boring life with no social life and no source of happiness. It was so hard for me to adjust. And then you came and changed everything. The remorse I felt became gratitude.

Remember when you waited for me outside my school and walked me home? I begged you not to come because I had a bad impression on you. Who’d have thought that person with a loose shirt and a baggy pants would become the greatest love of my life? I was wrong to judge you but I was 10% right. Although you’ve changed now and you’ve become a  better person. Aside from that, I hope your love and patience for me will never change because you’re the only person who can tolerate my dark side, no one else.

Amore, grazie di tutto e sappi che senza di te non posso più stare. Ormai sei diventato la mia vita, la mia speranza. Sei tutto per me. Ti amo più di ogni altra cosa nel mondo. Mi manchi tantissimo e non vedo l’ora di rivederti, abbracciarti e baciarti!

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09. Give your definition of love

Day 09/10

  • patient
  • kind
  • not something that keeps record of wrongs
  • when you trust them more than you trust yourself.
  • when you think about the other person’s happiness instead of yours.
  • when you know you can’t live a day without seeing them or talking to them.
  • when you worry about the other person.
  • when you just wanna be with that person for the rest of your life.
  • when you picture your future with them.
  • when you try to be a good person for them.
  • when you are ready to take the risk to be hurt but then you will try to understand because you know that it was unintentional. 
  • when you know when they are down, happy, nervous, excited, etc.
  • when you don’t care whether you look cheesy or stupid. Everything that matters is for you to show them how you feel.
  • when you can be true to yourself in front of them.
  • when you are comfortable with them.
  • when you are not afraid to show your dark side, weaknesses and fears.
  • when you bring out the best in them.
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08. What do you guys do often?

Day 08/10

  • Eat kebab at Aladin
  • Argue
  • Watch movies
  • Do silly things
  • Cuddle
  • Argue
  • "Tambay"
  • Quarrel
  • Piss each other off
  • Tickle fight
  • Eat paste cresciute, arancini, panzarotti, etc at Friggitoria Vomero
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07. What was the last movie you saw together?

DAY 07/10

The last movie we saw together was Inception. Though we really didn’t watch the whole movie ‘cuz we fell asleep. 

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06. What did you do the last time you hang out?

Day 06/10

We were outside the apartment and I saw the stall which sells homemade bread. I wanted a bread so bad.

Me: “I want that bread. Can you go and buy me some?”
Him: "What are you gonna do with one whole bread?  It’s already lunch time."
Me: ”We’ll eat it. Obviously.”

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05. Make a list of the things you like about your boyfriend

Day 05 of 10

• I love his eyes — I could stare at them for hours.
• I love his smile — I love it more when he laughs
• I love his hair — "His messy hair"
• I love his patience 
• I love his sweetness
• I love his  silly jokes 
• I love his wacky poses 
• I love his plans for our future
• I love his kisses
• I love his voice though it isn’t that good haha! — He don’t usually sing to me but last Sunday, he sang several songs to me through Skype. :))
• I love his honesty
• I love his tight hugs
• I love his scent ♥
• I love his failed surprises — He always gives hints. LOL
• I love it when he asks for my permission — “Can I  …?
• I love it when he gets jealous :”>
• I love the way he holds  me
• I love how understanding he is
• I love how caring he is
• I love how simple things we do together mean a lot to him — Like how that “spaghetti dance” mean to him. :))
• I love it when he’s not ashamed to do “certain” things — Should I enumerate those things?
• I love how he speaks tagalog

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04. 5 facts about your boyfriend

Day 04/10

  1. He’s 1 year, 10 months and 23 days younger than me (But fortunately more mature than me)
  2. He refuses to eat fish and alike (On the process of persuading him)
  3. He’s patient but when you upset him, you better practice your apology lines.
  4. He loves everything about the Philippines (though he’s Italian)
  5. He can comprehend Filipino very well, and he can speak the language too. 
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03. Favorite picture of you and your boyfriend

Day 03 of 10

Taken on his 18th birthday (June 26, 2010)

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02. Favorite picture of your boyfriend

Day 02 of 10

I like it ‘cause

  • he’s wearing teal 
  • I took this photo on my 19th birthday
  • he’s so “tenero" in this picture
  • he melts my heart

I also like this one. :D

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01. Where did you meet your boyfriend?

Day 01 of 10

Here I am starting a project I will never finish again like this and this but I will always be proud of my finished 365 project though it was tough..

Where did I meet my boyfriend? That was actually one of the many arguments we had. 

I always say we met at Soccavo Park during the championship of a basketball league. I’m 100% sure ‘cause I blogged about it 2 years ago. We were indifferent with each other that time though ‘cause I was in a relationship and so he was..

While I say we met on July 19, 2009, he says we met at the Awarding Ceremony, 7 days after. I suppose he was so distracted the day we actually met that he had forgotten we already knew each other. That was a week before my 18th birthday and my zia talked about it with them. I was like, “No way, I’m not gonna celebrate my birthday with “hired” friends. I’d rather celebrate it alone or celebrate it in the future with my real friends.

7 months later, he added me on facebook and we started chatting. I’ve found out he was actually trying to prepare a surprise party for me on my birthday with “his” friends but nobody helped. (Nice friends huh!) We were already both single and ready to mingle. te he! He asked me my school, my number, my interests, etc. After a few days of textin’ and chattin’, he said he’ll come and fetch me at school. (O_O) I said Nah! but when as I was going out of the campus, he was standing there in his loose clothes. He waited for an hour, he walked me home for 5 minutes, I said thanks and waved goodbye and he needed to go home for another hour. I was so rude.. :)) The next day we encountered each other along the way, he was with his friend and I was with my classmate. Just a “Hi" and bye again. A week after, he waited outside my school again with my favorite juice. Ain’t he sweet?

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