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Pseudo HDR Tutorial.
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Stained Miracles // Fiamette Textures


And this is the other new texture.

Below are samples of how I used each texture. :) 

Click here or here.
Photos courtesy of
Julo Cope 

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WOO~ Sorry I’ve been so busy! D: But here it is, as promised! :) I’m really bad at explaining so ._. Hope you will find this helpful :o

The Essentials:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Photo
  • Tablet (I’m using Wacom Intuos3)


  • Open your selected photo in Adobe Photoshop. I just stole this…
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F*artsy Day - Tutorial 2



How to blend lights with ordinary photos such as the one below (Lol, I couldn’t find a better picture):

1. Open your file in Photoshop
2. Copy this picture and then paste it over the image you opened then change blending mode to “Lighten”. Your layers palette should now look like this.

3. Finally, copy this picture and paste it again on your canvas. Change the blending mode once more to “Lighten”. Now, layers palette should look something like the picture below:

You’re done. :) If the two layers look kind of overdone, decrease the Opacity or Fill percent.

Publish your works, please.

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Let’s get F*artsy



It’s Friday! Don’t ask. Sudden outburst of generosity. Lol. Today I’m going to show you what simple effects (adding borders and a light texture) do to your photos.

Say, you have a picture of a structure such as the one below…

 . . and you feel like turning it into a fancy image by adding borders and showing more spaces.
1. Open the file in Photoshop.
2. Click on the Crop tool. (img)
3. Just below the Main Menu, you will see this:
4. Now fill the width and the height with equal pixels. It is recommended that you enter a smaller size so as not to sacrifice the image quality.
5. Crop your picture, leaving only your desired portion of the image. Press ENTER. See sample below.

After pressing ENTER key, this is how it should look like.

6. Create a new file (bigger than your cropped image). If you aren’t sure about the size and the type of document, you may refer to this.
7. Now, click on the Eyedropper Tool (img), and pick the most dominant color of your cropped picture. Choosing the right background color makes it look coordinated. I chose Fountain Blue or #5eb3bf for my image. However, If you don’t know what color to use, try any NEUTRAL color - gray, black, white.
8. Click on Paint Bucket Tool (img) and fill the new empty canvass with the color you chose. 
9. Go to your cropped photo and then click CTRL + A to select the image, CTRL + C to copy it.
10. Go back to the empty canvass and then click CTRL + V to paste the image. Using the Move tool (img), drag the image to the center. Mine looks something like this:

11. Now go to your Layers Palette, usually at the bottom right. (img)
12. Then click on the Layer Style button (img), choose Stroke
13. A dialog box for the Stroke options will appear for choosing the color, the border size, etc. You may refer to my settings. (img) Click OK when done.
14.  Add texture by copying this image and pasting it on our current canvass. Don’t worry if it will look like this:

15. Now look at your Layers Palette. Do you see the drop down menu with the word “Normal”? Click on it and then change it to “Screen”. Refer to this image
By now the image no longer looks like the picture above.
16. Still, on the Layers Palette, you will see the Opacity settings set to 100%. Reduce it to 65%. You’re done.

You can add some original and honest texts, if you like.

Man, tutoring is harder than I thought!
Please send me your works, anyway. I wanna see and publish some.

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Photoshop Mirror
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Fight All Signs of Aging. :)

Fight All Signs of Aging. :)

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