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Last day of school ♥ 

E’ dall’inizio che aspettavo questo giorno… che desideravo la libertà.. Ma adesso che è finita, mi manca andare a scuola, fare il laboratorio.. rompermi le scatole.. ma soprattutto mi manca stare con i miei amici.

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May 13 , 2012 • 15:58 • 1 noteCommentsShare

Unwind along the beach after a long week. 3 more exams and I can finally say, school’s over.

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May 05 , 2012 • 13:42 • 1 noteCommentsShare

Cette Semaine

I started the month right with a pilgrimage plus a picnic with family and friends. I always hear Padre Pio’s name but I never knew his story.. I watched a movie about his life and I was very touched. He’s an example of a man who suffered physically and morally yet he didn’t give up.

1. Padre Pio’s house
2. Neapolitan Christmas Nativity
3. A  cute shop at Petrelcina
4. Pietrelcina Church
5. A step in the right direction.
6. Barbecue  
7. St. Lucy Church

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May 02 , 2012 • 12:43 • 1 noteCommentsShare

1. Bresaola in a bed of rucola with tomatoes, parmesan and corn kernels ; Strawberry Tiramisù — Desert during the visit of our city mayor.
2. Exams next month! Yay! — [This month actually ] I’m not reaady yet. ; City mayor with our school authorities. I don’t even know the reason why he paid a visit. 
3. My CYN family — We celebrated the anniversary last august 15 and it was fun.
4. Main Building — After 6 months we came back to our main building. Despite the wrecked ceilings and about-to-collapse walls, I still love staying there because of the view.

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Apr 10 , 2012 • 22:39 • 5 notesCommentsShare

Ce Mois Ci
February - March  
I know this is too late but I’ll post it anyway… 

  • Love month — I was lucky to have someone to spend Valentine’s day with.. Plus suprise chocolates and flowers a "romantic" lunch too. I couldn’t ask for more ♥
  • My classmates — Silvana, Annalisa and Antonio
  • School — Reviewing for an oral exam u_u
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