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May 17 , 2012 • 23:43 • 1 noteCommentsShare

Last day of school ♥ 

E’ dall’inizio che aspettavo questo giorno… che desideravo la libertà.. Ma adesso che è finita, mi manca andare a scuola, fare il laboratorio.. rompermi le scatole.. ma soprattutto mi manca stare con i miei amici.

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May 13 , 2012 • 15:58 • 1 noteCommentsShare

Unwind along the beach after a long week. 3 more exams and I can finally say, school’s over.

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May 05 , 2012 • 13:42 • 1 noteCommentsShare

Cette Semaine

I started the month right with a pilgrimage plus a picnic with family and friends. I always hear Padre Pio’s name but I never knew his story.. I watched a movie about his life and I was very touched. He’s an example of a man who suffered physically and morally yet he didn’t give up.

1. Padre Pio’s house
2. Neapolitan Christmas Nativity
3. A  cute shop at Petrelcina
4. Pietrelcina Church
5. A step in the right direction.
6. Barbecue  
7. St. Lucy Church

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May 02 , 2012 • 12:43 • 1 noteCommentsShare

1. Bresaola in a bed of rucola with tomatoes, parmesan and corn kernels ; Strawberry Tiramisù — Desert during the visit of our city mayor.
2. Exams next month! Yay! — [This month actually ] I’m not reaady yet. ; City mayor with our school authorities. I don’t even know the reason why he paid a visit. 
3. My CYN family — We celebrated the anniversary last august 15 and it was fun.
4. Main Building — After 6 months we came back to our main building. Despite the wrecked ceilings and about-to-collapse walls, I still love staying there because of the view.

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Apr 10 , 2012 • 22:39 • 5 notesCommentsShare

Ce Mois Ci
February - March  
I know this is too late but I’ll post it anyway… 

  • Love month — I was lucky to have someone to spend Valentine’s day with.. Plus suprise chocolates and flowers a "romantic" lunch too. I couldn’t ask for more ♥
  • My classmates — Silvana, Annalisa and Antonio
  • School — Reviewing for an oral exam u_u
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Feb 12 , 2012 • 18:08 • 1 noteCommentsShare

Ce Mois Ci

  • Could this be a good start? — Too many unexpected things happened on the first week of this year. Who knows how it will end?
  • I got my moleskin back <3
  • Quality time with friends. 
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Jan 04 , 2012 • 21:29 • 3 notesCommentsShare
Cette Semaine (or should I say ce mois-ci?) V

To sum it up, the holidays for me were nothing special. They were ordinary days spent alone because I had to work.. Here are some photos I can share to you.

1. One of the 9 cats at Posillipo.  For me it’s the cutest.
2-3. December 23 dawn at Posillipo. Don’t you just love it?

I made this cake last Christmas since I celebrated alone.. I’m planning to post a photo set on how I made it. :D

Some of my Christmas photos :D

Had a walk with Silvanna on the 26th. All of the shops were closed. Good thing a café was open at Vomero.. And look at what I’ve found… A lomo camera.. I just fell in love with it but priorities first.. I wanna buy too many things.. But the problem is I don’t have money $_$.

While I made the forever alone cake on Christmas, on New Year’s eve, I made Tartelette. I. Think. I. Should. Cook. More. Often.

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Dec 21 , 2011 • 10:53 • 3 notesCommentsShare
Cette Semaine (or should I say ce mois-ci?) IV

I lost got my phone stolen yesterday. So, apparently I only have these photos to share. 

I’ve bought this plushie last week. I also bought myself some gifts.

I attended 2 Christmas parties this week. Can you spot me on the last 2 photos above?

I missed the feel of the keys on my fingers. 

I’m reading this book. Who knows when I’m gonna finish it.  It is actually a story of Momo, a young boy, who tells the story of his life when living with Madame Rosa and the love that he feels for the mother that she has become. 

A cropped photo mia.  A smile is always an aftermath of another smile.


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Dec 04 , 2011 • 23:31 • 5 notesCommentsShare
Cette Semaine (or should I say ce mois-ci?) III

November was indeed a tough month for me. A chapter of my book of love has been ended suddenly, from its climax to resolution without its falling action, without a warning nor a sign. 

My world collapsed and was shattered into pieces. I didn’t know how I could make it whole again. All my hopes were down the drain. Nonetheless, little by little, it started to revolve again. I have no idea how I made it. Maybe life’s like that. You need get by no matter what life brings you.

11.08.11 — Pontile di Bagnoli

11.27.11 — First paid work :)

11.30.11 — Le cose che spesso si dicono a scuola.

12.03.11 — 1 month has passed, I guess it calls for a celebration? Happly Holidays! :)


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Oct 28 , 2011 • 23:36 • 2 notesCommentsShare
Cette Semaine..

10.16.11 — All went well. I went to his house to meet his parents so we can go all together at the airport.  We waited for half an hour for the plane to arrive and land. I was so anxious, I could feel and hear the pounding of my heart like how it beat the first time we kissed.  I couldn’t explain how it felt when I saw him walking towards me. It was like a slow motion part of a movie.  I took dinner at their house. It was so awkward because all of them were concentrated at the TV, while I was concentrated with my food. I bet you know what “we” were watching.. Yes! It’s Soccer. He gave me the necklace above, btw. 

  • (1) — We (classmates) are starting to get close to each other. Almost all of us take the metro and while we wait for the train, we get to talk and joke with each other.
  • (2) — Math professor with my classmate, Antonio.

Globo Pop — Silvana’s giant lollipop XD

10.23.11 — I was so mad cuz “certain people” just don’t listen to me.  Instead of going out with “them” today, I went to Traiano with Silvana to watch a soccer match. I tasted some Peruvian cuisine. Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

  • 10.24.11 — We started our laboratory. For me it wasn’t that good. :|
  • Look at my pasaway classmate’s “working shoes”. 
  • Stolen photo of my classmates at the bar, taking their coffee.
  • The view from our classroom

The photo speaks for itself. Should we call it vandalism? Anyway, while waiting for the dismissal time, I was bored  so I wrote some inspirational phrases on the pamphlets at the reception. Cool ayt?


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